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The Bank of Italy and Tecnoborsa’s recent survey

published in 27/05/2014 16:16:16 in section "Realtor"
Edited by AC

On average, its taking longer, more than nine months in fact, to sell a property and only if the price drops by 15%. The findings by the Bank of Italy and Tecnoborsa are based on the first three months of 2014, which sees an increase of about one month more than in the same period last year. In 2013, the time between the acquisition of a property and selling, was 8.6 months (now 9.3). The report then shows how this is affected by the "price" factor, and how this is out of sync with demand and supply. Again in the first quarter of 2014, there has been a sign of growth in the number of people who have returned to buy a house and apply for a mortgage, so the market is obviously moving in the right direction, why then are there still difficulties in selling?. One factor lies in the price, this has to remain competitive and keep pace with the market. Persist in wanting to sell at a particular price outside of the market, means not selling at all. Another is the property’s visibility. In a growing market, in particular a global market as it is today, a property being clearly visible is important to reach a greater number of potential buyers.
We asked David Parish, International Property Consultant for the Marche region for the Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, about what happens in the international market.
"If you want to put a property for sale on the international market it is important to maintain a competitive cost compared to the market, otherwise the property will never be sold

Is visibility important in the international market?
"Absolutely, perhaps even more so than in the domestic market. Potential clients who, in most cases, do not know the area are looking for a home by browsing online or directly relying on professionals

How does the Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group ensure the visibility of a property?
"Firstly, due to its reliability and professionalism gained in the industry over its many years, and secondly by sharing marketing plans

What's this?
"The Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group knows how important communication is, especially at certain levels. If you want to sell a property in a foreign market, it is important to be present on that market, have advertising space in real estate magazines and websites, do all the work necessary to achieve top positions for the property when you search for certain keywords. In short, it is full-time work but it gets results

You talked about sharing, does this mean that the seller has to bear some of the costs?
"It means that we ask the seller to "anticipate" a portion of the costs that will then be separate, however, the percentage is up to the agency

And this system works?

"Yes, because by doing so, we are able to bear the costs of an advertising campaign in most European countries not only from the UK and Germany, but also from Russia to China, and this, together with our professionalism, provide clients with a quality service. I don’t believe that there are many other agencies that can provide such a service!
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The importance of a good photo
tuscany (siena) san casciano dei bagni

published in 26/05/2014 18:40:42 in section "Realtor"
Luca Grifoni
"It is often underestimated just how important photography is in the sale of a property and, above all, the importance of a photograph that can stir the emotions of the viewer. Photographer Luca Griffoni shares a recent example with us

What is the link between photography and the imagination?
It is hard to say for one who lacks the rudiments of medical knowledge but one thing is certain, since humankind has existed, the image has always been essential to better explain a situation, an object, a state of mind. The best photographers know how important it is "to strike the imagination" of the viewer rather than just make a copy of what you see.
When you are taking a picture of a property that is for sale there are, of course, many technical aspects that you have to take into account. Above all, however, the picture has to convey an emotion or feeling to the viewer, the same sort of emotional response you get from a sunset or a familiar face, for instance.
Personal experience from a recent case has shown how changing a photo of a house can make such a big difference. Although the original photo was technically perfect it was cold and did not convey the warmth of the house that we wanted to promote. We replaced the photo with one that was a birds eye view of the whole property: an image that combined all aspects of the property including the physical (size, appliances, olive groves, vineyards, swimming pool, driveways, etc.) with the emotional (panorama, wide angle etc).
In this way the image was transformed to tap into the greater sensitivity and values that an image can convey.

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Stefano Calafà recounts a Sale
umbria (perugia) spoleto

published in 15/04/2014 15:49:26 in section "Realtor"
Edited by Alessandra Conforti

Stefano Calafà, real estate professional who has long been with Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, tells the story of one of his latest sales.
"Stefano, what kind of property is it?

It is a completely renovated apartment in the historic centre of Spoleto, only a short walk from the Market Square. Located on the first floor of a period palazzo, it has a living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, separate utility room and cellar on the ground floor. It was sold for € 230,000.
"Had it been for sale a long time?

The apartment had been for sale with an external agency to Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, we were contacted under the
sole agent contract-real estate search of dedicated buyers. The property was on the market for about 1 and half years.
"Had the property received many viewings before being purchased?

The apartment received a dozen viewings and a not successful offer, before being sold.
"What kind of relationship did you have with the sellers?

The sellers were managed by the local agency involved in the negotiations; it took several meetings with the sellers since the "due diligence", made by our qualified technicians, revealed some issues. The preliminary agreement provided some assistance to finish and resolve some of these issues which was the seller’s responsibility, and we had overseen the effective implementation of this.
"Instead what kind of relationship did you have with the buyers?

The buyers contacted us in the summer of 2013 and since then, entrusted us in full, dedicated to research-the search for the right property, by signing a "sole agent" contract. We selected a number of properties, with the clients having constant feedback, listening to their needs, preferences and disposable income. They then visited these selected properties in the course of their stay here in Italy at the end of October. The relationship with the buyers continues today, as we are assisting them with the set up of the internet, transferring utilities, recommending furniture retailers and reported and supported activities such as, insurance advice.
"A 360⁰ support service then! Let's talk about the negotiation, was it long?

No. Since the decision to purchase, the acceptance of the offer by the seller was in about 2 weeks.
"Were the buyers looking for that particular type of property or did they change their minds during the search?

Clients knew they wanted to buy a property in a historic, mid-sized town, though; they were not clear as to what town in particular. Essential for the clients was to be in a centre well served by rail and road. Properties had been viewed in Orvieto, Sarteano and Spoleto, before the choice was made on the latter.
"We can therefore say that the sole agent contract simplified things?

Absolutely, because with this service, the buyer is looking with a team of experts and selected interested properties, obviously based on the specific features sought by the client. In this way, the perfect property is found with greater ease and in less time.

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Great Estate & Chesterton and What's New for 2014
tuscany (siena) san casciano dei bagni

published in 10/04/2014 12:13:04 in section "Realtor"
Edited by Alessandra Conforti

The first quarter has ended for 2014 and time for our first analysis. Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group tackles a year full of improvements, new features, developments and great collaborations.
First is the important development in the Russian market, which has seen the consolidation of the Group's presence in this important market due to the translation of the website into Russian. Thanks to this extra effort, the Group will be able to more easily reach clients who come from important countries of the former U.S.S.R. This is in addition to the revision of ad word campaigns in Russian and the translation of our online magazine, which should be completed shortly. An increased number of international collaborations with other agencies have come about; they have appreciated the Group’s great organization, recognizing the value of the many partners all over Italy. The most important project so far, in which Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group have been committed to, is getting to know the Chinese market. China is indeed one of the most important growing markets at the moment, and they are starting to discover Italy. This project has been coordinated by Dr. Simone Vicari, and it will surely bring great results in a short period of time.
Another new development is that of the agricultural and wineries businesses headed by Michele Bean, an industry expert, which will ensure clients, will have expert advice; you can’t put a price on that security. The aim is to support clients not only with the purchase of a farm/agricultural business, but also help with research and decision as well as in the initial start-up. This increase in buyers’ advice also helps sellers who will have the knowledge that their company will be in safe hands!
There are other important developments like the Project Network coordinated by Dr. Riccardo Luculli. He began to develop partnerships in Liguria and Puglia, and now in Venice, the Veneto, Dolomites and Sicily. This is aimed at creating a network of important agencies that work together to better address a growing international market.
Even within the Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, there are big changes, offering increasingly innovative services to their clients, such as the updating of internal management, to encourage all employees to insert properties into the database for example, therefore streamlining the work.
All the work and effort by each employee in turn, affects the quality of services in a positive way and the visibility achieved, thanks to the website and magazine.

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Italian Property Consultant with the Great Estate-Chesterton real estate group
umbria (perugia) castiglione del lago

published in 26/03/2014 16:14:37 in section "Realtor"
Edited by Alessandra Conforti

Today we would like to introduce to you, Dr. Chiara Peppicelli, Italian Property Consultant with the Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group and Co-ordinator for the Castiglione Del Lago (PG) office. This is interview is for our magazine.
"Chiara, tell us about your studies

I became a surveyor and this has allowed me to have a basic albeit minimal technical knowledge, I later obtained a degree in jurisprudence (Law) from the University Degli Studi Di Firenze, with which I have acquired a variety of legal skills. This university experience was fundamental because not only did I learn to live alone in a big city, but also I became a lot more open-minded.
"After finishing your studies how did you to come to work with Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group?

I started working with Great Estate in 2011 thanks to a local notary, who was a mutual friend of mine who was also a friend of the owner of the group. At this same time I also obtained the Civil Mediator certificate, however, the passion for the "beautiful", as well as real estate, the pleasure of having to deal with a variety of people, combined with the sharing of the values of fairness, professionalism and reliable working methodology, led me to decide to invest my personal resources and knowledge with Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group.
"Did you start in Castiglione del Lago straight away?

No. I began in the Cetona office, with one of our international consultants, which gave me my first knowledge in the management of clients, both buyers and sellers and, at that time, I gave my own little contribution to the group with the sale of an apartment in the historic centre of Cetona. In the following months, I had experience of a variety of different types of work with Great Estate; I focused mainly on the management of sellers, with specific focus on the Lake
Trasimeno area where I am from. From 2012, I became responsible for the Great Estate office in the historic centre of Castiglione Del Lago.
"Can we say that you're an expert on ‘international contracts’?

In January 2013, with the first and then the final implementation of the methodology for the acquisition of real estate focused on international contracts. I have specialized on the latter, achieving good results which has given me great personal satisfaction.
Thanks to sharing of my international contracts, from December 2013, with agreement with the Managing Director of Great Estate, I have assumed an important role in the birth and development of the Great Estate & Chesterton national network.
"What will be your role within the Network?

I will be responsible for the first formation of new agencies wishing to share the Group's working methods and values of professionalism and integrity, core principles which have always been the basis of our company and my work. I hope that my new responsibility may
represent an opportunity for my professional growth and to achieve new and important objectives for the whole group.
"Would like to share with us an important moment in your career?

Yes, I would like to conclude, with another aspect that has given me tremendous personal satisfaction: my first sale. This is where I was responsible for the management of buyers and Giacomo Buonavita (Italian Property Consultant ndr) who was responsible for the seller. The satisfaction came from the fact that this was the first sale I run alone and, more importantly, the client right from the beginning of our working relationship, and until the conclusion of the negotiation, recognised professionalism, attention to detail and dedication to my work for Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group. Quality, they said, is difficult to find in the various real estate agencies to which they had previously been.

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How to Grow with Professionalism and Fairness
tuscany (siena) san casciano dei bagni

published in 26/03/2014 12:04:05 in section "Realtor"
Edited by Alessandra Conforti

The Italian real estate market system in general, is not the best. According to recent articles that have appeared in national newspapers and information provided by estate agencies, 2013 was a terrible year last quarter and one real estate agent in five had not closed a sale. Is it possible to counteract this decline? According to Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, it is vital to have a commitment to the values of honesty and professionalism. The company led by its managing director, Stefano Petri has implemented these values right from the start, with the strong conviction to pursue service quality that has been increasingly expanding to make the Group one of the leading agencies in the Italian property market. This does not mean that Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group has not suffered from the economic crisis too, with a fall in sales. Instead of complaining about it and doing nothing, the managing director has been busy implementing quality services to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers. The Group, which is expanding its boundaries by creating a network with the best and most prestigious Italian real estate agencies, is one of the few to offer advertising on major portals and specialized world magazines. This is as well as the strengthening of their relationship with partner agencies in Russia and developing in the Chinese market, who are increasingly interested in buying property in Italy, as well as having a strong presence in all major European countries. Clients are very well served and satisfied, thanks to the numerous tools used by the Group that allow, for example, the seller, to know the exact information concerning property viewings, or the buyer, with the team of experts who are dedicated to finding a property perfectly suited to them. This and other work of our close-knit professional group, has enabled Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, to have a great start to 2014 with sales of no less than 8 properties in the first quarter of 2014 (including those still in the building process), two of which were over a million Euros. The types of property vary, from farmhouse to a villa by the sea; clients come from all over the world, from Israel to Russia, from Germany to the U.S, a sign that, even in an age of indifference, with our group
deciding to focus on professionalism and competence, was an intelligent way forward and has paid off with wonderful results.

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18 Years in the Real Estate industry

published in 25/03/2014 15:39:24 in section "Realtor"
Edited by Alessandra Conforti

Let's now have a word with a valuable contributor to the Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, who for 18 years has been working in the real estate industry. Antonio Anile, Italian property Consultant, wants to tell his story and the beginning of his working relationship with the Group.
"What is your experience in real estate?

This year will be my eighteenth year as an estate agent. I began very young, only 20 years old, after military service. I took my first steps in the local real estate agency where I worked for almost two years, then joined one of the most important national real estate groups, first as an employee, then as branch manager. In 2003, I then opened my current agency, fortunately with very positive results.
"How did the collaboration with Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group come about?

In 2011 when my family and I wanted to move to Tuscany specifically to the Grosseto area by the sea. My wife and I’s dream was always to leave the hustle and bustle of the big city and suburbia of Milan, where we currently lived, and to live with our two children, in Tuscany. This led me to evaluate job opportunities and to come into contact with various organizations in Tuscany. The many years of professional experience together with my marketing degree studies at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, which will take me a few months to do, I was immediately made aware by Stefano Petri, the difference between a ‘normal’ agency and that of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group.
"Which parts of Italy do you work in primarily?

I always work in Brianza; a geographical area situated between Milan and Lake Como, and considered one of the most productive of the entire country. I recently moved my headquarters to Seregno, my hometown, where, along with Monza, is the most requested by our local clients. Seregno is situated in a strategic location as it is only 15 km from Milan and about 20 km from Lake Como.
The collaboration with Great Estate & Chesterton, however, now leads me to cover, operationally speaking, a much wider geographical area which includes nearby Lake Como, sought-after by our international clients, Milan, Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda.
"Do you work with mainly Italian or foreign clients?, and what type of real estate are they looking for?

We work with Italian clients, mostly business owners and professionals, and international clients due to the presence of large industrial centres where foreign companies are setting up. A few days ago we were contacted by a Russian businessman who has an Italian branch a few miles from our office, and he was looking for a villa near Seregno. Another example, we recently had a "sole agent" (exclusively responsible for property research) for a Swiss multinational, who intends to start a franchise in Italy. We will, therefore, have the task of searching forty commercial spaces throughout Italy. Their intent is to start with the first 2 points of sale, having a "pilot" from Milan only, and then, in this sense, "playing at home".

The purchase requisitions, in general, are quite varied and range from the purchase of an apartment overlooking the lake, which is below one million euros, up to those who want to buy a particularly valuable villa located directly on the lake with a private dock. For this,
especially nearest the lake, the price can easily exceed 10 million euros.
"In which areas is the housing market most active and which areas are yet to be discovered?

The underlying trend, with the current real estate market in our region, leads to a strong polarization between the performance of the main towns of the province and the ones that are going through a particularly difficult time and in some cases see a decline of 30 % drop in price compared to those of a few years ago. The real estate market in Milan is certainly more active after a period of great difficulty, seeing important signs of a "turnaround" thanks to the implementation of major infrastructure projects in view of the Expo 2015. The construction work in Milan is between the Central Station and Porta Garibaldi Station which have catalyzed, for example, the attention of Middle East Investors.
Lake Como, on the other hand, has seen increasingly more villas purchased at falling prices by wealthy, more or less famous foreigners. The high-end real estate market of Lake Como has buyers especially in Russia, Eastern Europe, Germany and the United States, with occasionally some Italians.
I was, a few months ago in Oltrepò Pavese for a winery acquisition. In my opinion this is an area that, for landscape and culture, food and wine, is an area waiting to be discovered by international clients. Among other things, it is only about 40 km from Milan and is well connected with the main motorways.
The province of Mantua with its authentic "pearl" is among the capitals of Lombardy, with its wall enclosed city, it is an area that is not entirely known abroad, but worth a look.
"Why would you recommend buying a property in Lombardy?

Investing in Lombardy, the most continental Italian region, gives the opportunity to take refuge in one of the noble and romantic northern lakes enjoying picturesque landscapes, which also offers a modern and glamorous Milan, considered the Italian commercial centre and one of the world's fashion capitals.
"What, according to you, is the ‘extra’ that Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group have?

I believe that the methodology of property acquisition is the real strength of our Group. I always thought that from a proper assessment, this is the first "anchor" to complete the sale. I believe that to overstate a property and then deceive the property owner, by acquiring a property that will never sell, shows a lack of respect. I also believe that the preliminary collation of all the necessary property documents and permissions, before it is advertised, is also very important and an added value. The real plus, without equal, is Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group’s ability to ensure the property for sale is visible abroad. This is the real "flagship" of our agency.

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All the Secrets of the New Great Estate-Chesterton Project
tuscany (siena) san casciano dei bagni

published in 22/03/2014 15:30:21 in section "Realtor"
Edited by Alessandra Conforti

At the beginning of 2014 the new "Agency Network" project promoted by Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, is in the process of being developed by creating a network of branches, north to south throughout Italy. Strength is in its union, the Group has been right in trying to bring together the best Italian real estate agents, so we can offer international clients a "property park" selected and unrivaled. Roberto Biggera of the Group, who is responsible for the management of international buyers, tells us about this new project.
"What will your role be in the Agency Network project?

My specific role has not been defined yet, or rather a job title hasn’t, but I will certainly put myself at the disposal of all the agencies that will become part of the Agency Network. With my many years of experience with sales of luxury real estate to international clients, and with the services offered to clients, each of whom had different requirements that on every occasion were settled in the most professional manner possible. These positive reviews will be helped by the interviews in our magazine.
"You are already a key figure ...

Yes, the new people in the group will begin with the buyers, I see myself as an important point of reference within the company and will be continually asked advice on real estate, on the replies to be sent, setting up, conducting and negotiations on all the information that over the years I managed to learn by working side by side with, Stefano Petri, Managing Director. This is as well as knowing over the years many other talented and competent consultants and agents with whom I have had the opportunity to meet and be able to learn from. I believe that to develop and to know how to transfer to newcomers by increasingly involving them in the project and make sure that they, too, become an integral part of it.
"What, in your opinion, are the strengths of the "Agency Network"?

There are many strengths of the "Agency Network" and in my opinion; one fundamental concept can be summed up as follows:

- Italy, nationally, with recognized agencies that work unquestionably professionally following the same working "method" in property acquisition, (evaluation, written authority to sell, documentation , etc ...) in their advertising ( quality photos, floor plans, descriptions), advertising channels such as websites and portals to get the right international visibility abroad and they are all under a single recognizable brand for quality, fairness and professionalism in selling luxury real estate to international clients.

The great strength of the Agency Network project that Stefano Petri and Riccardo Luculli have developed is that it has been done with great tenacity and determination.
"A daunting task?

It’s a very ambitious task, but I am sure that with great capacity and professionalism, we will transmit the value of professionalism and the methodology used by Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group throughout Italy to become the solid real estate agent today in Tuscany and Umbria. The results obtained in Liguria and Puglia are already proof of that.

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Chiara Peppicelli and her Role in the Agency Network project

published in 21/03/2014 18:17:41 in section "Realtor"
Edited by Alessandra Conforti

"Agency Network" is an ambitious and very interesting project both for the agencies involved, and clients that will utilize expertise from the best real estate agents in the country. Dr. Chiara Peppicelli, Italian Property Consultant for Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, explains the importance of international contracts and their role in the new project.
"Chiara, what will your role be in the "Agency Network" project?

My role in the Network will be, first, to introduce "newcomers" to our management system, which is the basis of our working methodology.
This is especially true with regard to the integration of buyers with the acquired property and secondly, it will be my job to support and supervise the new agencies in learning and then applying our methodology, particularly with regard to the acquisition of property through international contracts. These will be sales through specific and dedicated advertising packages which allows the property to be included into focused international advertising circuits (markets of Russia, America, France, Holland, Germany and China) and for which the seller shares the related costs.
"What are the benefits to sellers of international contracts?

The amount of visibility that the property acquires through advertising circuits, which is then combined with a sale price that fully reflects the characteristics and demands of the market. This will lead to the sale of property within a reasonable period of time, meeting the respective needs of the seller and the buyer. Given that to date, 90% of our clientele are international buyers, coming mainly from the markets that I mentioned previously, we can state with certainty the absolute importance of international contracts.
"A useful tool for other agencies ...

Yes, it will be crucial that new participants understand the function and the importance of international contracts, and the services they are able to offer the seller (such as Google adword campaigns and statistics, which, in particular, gives each seller the ability to check, in real-time, and with continuous updates, property results; in terms of views, new contacts etc), as well as the convenience of costs.
"So in summary we can say that ...?

There is the honour of transferring the key values of professionalism, integrity and availability and its methodology of the Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group to new participants. For these new arrivals, it is imperative that they understand and practice these values with clients so that the clients know they can rely on our professionalism.

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The Mainstreet Agency Partners Up With the Great Estate-Chesterton Real Estate Group

published in 19/03/2014 12:13:26 in section "Realtor"
Edited by CA

Recently, the Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group has partnered up with Aleksandra Pandurova, the International Market Head of the Russian agency Mainstreet. The contact was made through the portal, when she asked to establish a possible collaboration having seen the recent agency work on properties in Italy, as well as developments in France and Cyprus. Mainstreet has focused on Italy as a result of client requests and the level of Russian interest in Italy.
This was followed by meetings with Natalia Kazmina and Yaroslav Popov from the Russian Desk of Great Estate and Chesterton Real Estate Group, along with Roberto Biggera from the International Sales Department. He selected a number of different properties to view, to give a better understanding of the types of properties available.
"As we advertise on so many portals the majority of contacts come from collaboration and friendship with one of the leading caterers in Russia. The agency does a lot of publicity within its restaurants and catalogs and this then creates substantial demand

And Yaroslav Popov, talking about the methods used by the Russians, added that:
"For a couple of years they have started to work in other areas in addition to sales and rents, noting that many clients following their stay and after a certain period of time then ask for comparative information

As always, the strengths and values of the Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group stand out: their professionalism client services available and their property management system.

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In 2014 The Group Plans Many New Developments
tuscany (siena) san casciano dei bagni

published in 17/03/2014 17:22:04 in section "Realtor"

Working within the right methodology on the World’s stage always gets results

published in 10/03/2014 17:57:04 in section "Realtor"
By Cassandra Lessim
"The acquisition of an international contract is certainly no longer news having exceeded the 100 threshold, but what pleases me the most is that this contract has been from a specific request

These are the words of Stefano Petri, Managing Director of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, when talking about an acquisition of an international contract by Valter Luciani. What is, you ask, an international contract?

It is a new intelligent and convenient way to increase your chances of selling a client’s property. Great Estate & Chesterton real estate Group provides its clients with a series of different level packages that you can request for your own specific property requirements. The property can be part of an international publicity campaign, which increases the chances of the property being noticed by a particular buyer, be it in Italy, Germany, Russia, China etc. The property particulars are advertised on the main web portals and widely read magazines, activating a great team effort that carry out efficient and reliable translations in the many languages that we operate in. IT consultants and qualified staff monitor the performance of various safe and reliable listings on a daily basis and strategise on the best way to stand out in the myriad of portals on offer; this is carried out by an exchange of information with all Great Estate/Chesterton partner agencies throughout the world. This gives the client the opportunity to know every single visit carried out online, and therefore, know the real interest in their property. This methodology framework is very much based on the Group’s values, without ever compromising on fairness and professionalism that has always characterized Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group.

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Giacomo Buonavita and the Importance of a Quality Service

published in 04/03/2014 16:51:08 in section "Realtor"
Edited by Alessandra Conforti

This new service of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group is to bring the shared values of the Group to outside partners, giving the opportunity to partner with other agencies for better networking. Today we talk to Giacomo Buonavita who carries out the delicate and crucial role of audits of real estate appraisals and valuations.
"Behind every successful sale, as we know, there's a great team effort that aims to take care of every possible detail: one of the core tasks is to carry out our work and achieve sales targets which will give a detailed analysis of the market values of each property managed by the group

What are the key areas of your work?
"Having the honour to carry out this delicate task, because I’m responsible for the audits of property appraisals and valuations, I have the utmost conviction that one of the secrets to achieving these sales targets is ensuring the property has been accurately valued to its fair market value, especially in the context of the historic economic period that we have seen. We may see sudden changes even within a few months

So what will be the role of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group in this project?
"Our commitment is a drive for "each net worker to capture what should be "perfect", leaving nothing to chance and trying to convey daily the core values that we, as a group, have always had, namely, our professional commitment

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Luca Bonifaci tells us How to Sell an apartment in Sardinia
sardegna (olbia-tempio) olbia

published in 24/02/2014 15:32:01 in section "Realtor"
Edited by Alessandra Conforti

This is a new example of how professionalism and fairness has lead to great results, Luca Bonifaci from Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, tells us about his latest sale.
"Luca, what type of property are we talking about?

It was a beautiful apartment with a lovely garden in a luxury residential area surrounded by a large green park, swimming pool, tennis courts and only 300 metres from a beautiful free beach.
"In what area of Sardinia is the property located?

3 km from Porto Rotondo, an exclusive area where, even today, prices remain high despite the economic downturn.
"The people who bought the apartment, were they Italians or foreigners?

Italians. I had contacted them specifically for this very unique property that they had already visited in the summer.
"So a long negotiation?

It was normal. As I said, the clients had viewed the property in August and again in September and then they signed the deed of sale in January.
"How important is the professionalism of the estate agent in these negotiations?

Very important because the real estate agent must give their clients appropriate attention, both sellers and buyers alike, to resolve any issues, and all this takes time because negotiations can take months.
"You talked about an area that has maintained its high asking price, in this case then, was the property purchased at the asking price?

No, with negotiation, it had been lowered a bit under the asking price. Just one of those cases in which an estate agent has such an important role to satisfy both parties.

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Michele Bean: Why Invest in Italy

published in 19/02/2014 10:23:04 in section "Realtor"
Edited by Alessandra Conforti

Great excitement at Great Estate & Chesterton real estate Group with their new development project for the Chinese market. We spoke with Stefano Petri, Managing Director, who explained how this came about and how it has been shaped with the help of Dr. Simone Vicari and, more importantly, how it will then be developed. Today we talk about the vision of Dr. Michele Bean, of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, who is responsible for developing this new sector with wineries and farms that are particularly in vogue at the moment.
"This new development also arises from the increasingly evident need of Italians to evolve towards agriculture and tourism which is their natural inclination.

So is this the right direction at the moment?
"Italy is a nation that does not have natural resources like Russia or Africa, but has a very rich and varied natural environment, with the addition of a unique historical heritage, for me there is no comparison. This is the future.

So who is this new project targeted at?
"This was created for those who have a disposable income and a desire to invest in what is certainly Italy’s future.
Who will, it’s still too early to say, in addition to acquiring a better, healthier lifestyle, what is certain is that they will have a life changing opportunity: nothing will be as before.

You mean the relationship we have with land?
"Yes, agriculture in general, including wine production, is an experience that changes your perception of the world, of where we are in it and this increases the sensitivity of that relationship.

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